Nyssa Zinn

15 Gate 6 ½ Rd. Sausalito, CA. 94965.

510-292-0580. nyssazinn@gmail.com


Portfolio: www.nyssazinn.com


I bring over nine years of creative experience to the commercial and fine art photography community. I believe that we use visual imagery to advertise, educate, dissect and narrate all parts of life. Imagery serves as a visual articulator of knowledge and I am a visual professional in transcribing that knowledge. I am skilled in all layers of conceptualizing, aestheticizing, and directing and ultimately share the goal of all my clients: to collaborate and share ideas with the ultimate goal of creating beautiful and inspiring visions of the brand.




2013                MFA Recipient: Photography

                        San Francisco State University

2006                BA American Studies

                        Mills College

2002-2005      Undergraduate Study Painting/Printmaking/Graphic Design

                        Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts



Graphic Design; Conceptual Direction; Photography Art Direction; Typography; Layouts & Compositions; Font & Color Management; Photo Shoot Oversight; Multimedia Development; Wardrobe Styling and Merchandising; Prop Styling

Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, Quickbooks



Prop Stylist and Art Director- San Francisco, CA 

February 2006-Present

Clients include Pendleton, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, ATG, Decorist, Weddington Way, Chlorox and Design Within Reach


Working as a prop stylist has been an integration of all of my skills into one medium, allowing me to creatively explore visual arrangements in a collaborative way. It incorporates my artistic sense of color and arrangement, with a consideration to details on a macro and micro level, as well as employing my extensive knowledge of photographic principles and artistic capabilities. I enjoy creating images in a collaborative way, working between the photographer and the art director with the creative concept of each client as our over-arching direction and focus. Having a concept to guide our image and working together on an inspiration allows me to apply a calm yet expansive amount of creativity towards styling and ultimately producing beautiful images that ultimately engage the viewer.


Printmaking/Photoshop/Photography Instructor- Bay Area, CA

Schools including KALA, San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley



I have worked as an art teacher at the middle school, high school and college level. Teaching is a part of my studio practice, as it enables me to share both technical and theoretical skills and concepts that I have learned from my extensive studies in studio art. My classroom implements my philosophies of art. In order to understand how to navigate the role of translator, a student of art must have teachers who lay a strong foundation of technical and explorative skills and build the student with layers of learning so that they ultimately can express the world through their own invented visual language. My classroom stimulates students by intertwining theory, technique and experimentation.


Photography Studio Manager- Bay Area, CA

Multiple clients including Matt Lipps and Jim Bastardo



I have worked in a number of photography studios including more traditional fine art labs, as well as in a commercial studio with professional photographers. This experience has given me a strong knowledge of the organizational, technical and administrative details necessary for a successful photo studio to exist.  By working as both an assistant and a photographer, I understand both how to delegate and manage a team, but I also have a great appreciation for collaborative effort and positive energy it takes for a photo studio to be a creative and exciting environment.


Creative Assistant at Design Within Reach - San Francisco, CA  

September 2007 – February 2009

I had a unique opportunity at Design Within Reach to work as a merchandiser, producer, digital assets manager and creative assistant. My focus was in their line Tools For Living. My role included in-studio Tools For Living stylist, as well as a varying role on location as a production assistant, merchandiser, creative assistant and soft goods stylist.


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